restricted access   Volume 137, Number 4, October 1992

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p. 307

Letters to the Editor

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Original Articles

Time Engaged in Reading: A Critical Factor in Reading Achievement

pp. 309-314

The Career Status of Deaf Women: A Comparative Look

pp. 315-325

Deaf Adolescents' Metacognitive Knowledge About School-Related Reading

pp. 326-330

Complete Signed and Cued French: An Original Signed Language-Cued Speech Combination

pp. 331-337

The Effects of Adjunct Questions in Prose for Deaf and Hearing Students at Different Reading Levels

pp. 338-344

Let's Talk About It: Using Conversation to Facilitate Language Development

pp. 345-350

The Ability of Deaf Students to Understand Text: A Comparison of the Perceptions of Teachers and Students

pp. 351-361

Intuitive Parenting As a Model for Understanding Parent-Infant Interactions When One Partner Is Deaf

pp. 362-369