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p. 251

Deaf Students and the School-to-Work Transition by T. A. Allen et al. (review)

p. 252

Original Articles

Manual Communication: Implications for Education ed. by Harry Bornstein (review)

pp. 253-256

Improvements in the Signing Skills of Hearing Parents of Deaf Children

pp. 257-260

How Successful Deaf Teenagers Experience and Cope With Isolation

pp. 261-270

Recall Performance on a Central-Incidental Memory Task by Profoundly Deaf Children

pp. 271-277

Some Concerns About Using Whole Language Approaches With Deaf Children

pp. 278-282

The Garden Cafe: An Experiment in Vocational Education in the Philippines

pp. 283-287

Cumulative Trauma Disorders Among Educational Interpreters: Contributing Factors and Intervention

pp. 288-292

Deaf Adolescents Who Drop Out of Local Public Schools

pp. 293-298

Attitudes Toward Deafness: A Collegiate Perspective

pp. 299-302