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  1. Contributors
  2. Editors' Note
  3. Index: Volume 26, 2003
  4. Lifelines
  5. Reviewed Elsewhere
  6. The Last Revolutionaries: German Communists and Their Century (review)
  7. Age, Narrative and Migration: The Life Course and Life Histories of Bengali Elders in London (review)
  8. The Voices of Gemma Galgani: The Life and Afterlife of a Modern Saint (review)
  9. Awakening Lives: Autobiographies of Jewish Youth in Poland before the Holocaust (review)
  10. This Stubborn Self: Texas Autobiographies, 1925-2001 (review)
  11. Monuments and Memory: History and Representation in Lowell, Massachusetts (review)
  12. Trading Gazes: Euro-American Women Photographers and Native North Americans, 1880-1940 (review)
  13. Holy Boldness: Women Preachers' Autobiographies and the Sanctified Self (review)
  14. The African American Male, Writing, and Difference: A Polycentric Approach to African American Literature, Criticism, and History (review)
  15. King of the Mountain: The Nature of Political Leadership (review)
  16. Topologies of Trauma: Essays on the Limit of Knowledge and Memory (review)
  17. Images du mythe, images du moi: Mélanges offerts à Marie Miguet-Ollagnier (review)
  18. Romantic Biography (review)
  19. Women's Writing and the Circulation of Ideas: Manuscript Publication in England, 1550-1800 (review)
  20. Women, Death and Literature in Post-Reformation England (review)
  21. Questions of Power: The Politics of Women's Madness Narratives (review)
  22. Women's Oral History: The 'Frontiers' Reader (review)
  23. Mirages of the Selfe: Patterns of Personhood in Ancient and Early Modern Europe (review)
  24. The Situation and the Story: The Art of Personal Narrative (review)
  25. Interfaces: Women/Autobiography/Image/Performance (review)
  26. Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, 2002-2003
  27. Popular Autobiography as Historiography: The Reality Effect of Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes
  28. Autobiography as Dissidence: Subjectivity, Sexuality, and the Women's Co-operative Guild
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