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July 9, 2024
Honoring Melanie Schaffner
Melanie Schaffner News
Melanie Schaffner, Director of Communication, Marketing, and Engagement at Project MUSE and friend to so many of you in our scholarly communication community passed away peacefully at her home on July 5, 2024. In her final days, she shared that she was grateful for the full life she led, both personally and in her 27 years of work and dedication to Project MUSE and Johns Hopkins University Press.
March 30, 2024
Five New Hosted Journals Join MUSE
Journals on Democracy, Religion & More
New journals include titles from Getty Publications, Montana Historical Society, American Benedictine Review and two from University of Texas Press.
January 23, 2024
Outstanding Publisher Participation Elevates Project MUSE S2O Program
88 journals from 24 publishers participating to date
As of January 2024, the number of participating publishers has reached 24 publishers representing 88 journals and is still growing. Project MUSE will be one of the largest S2O programs in non-profit humanities and social sciences scholarly publishing.