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  1. From the Editors
  2. Between Tongues: Translation and/of/in Performance in Asia (review)
  3. Unspeakable Acts: The Avant-Garde Theatre of Terayama Shūji and Postwar Japan (review)
  4. Theatre of Yugen, 25 Years: A Retrospective (review)
  5. Developing Zeami: The Noh Actor's Attunement in Practice (review)
  6. The Kyōgen of Errors (review)
  7. Shakespeare in Japan (review)
  8. A Guide to the Japanese Stage: From Traditional to Cutting Edge (review)
  9. In a Thicket (review)
  10. The Drunkard's Revenge, and: Love's Labor (review)
  11. A Set of Kyōgen Adaptations: Henry Livings's Pongo Plays
  12. Muromachi Musicals: Resetting Kyōgen in a Modern Medium
  13. Theatre of Yugen's Direction of Kyōgen in English and Kyōgen Fusion Plays
  14. Authenticity and Accessibility: Two Decades of Translating and Adapting Kyōgen Plays for English and Bilingual Student Performances
  15. Kyōgen in English: A Bibliography
  16. Tradition in Transition: The Shigeyama Chūzaburō Kyōgen Family Looks to the Future
  17. Trapping The Fox and the Trapper : Maruishi Yasushi's Challenging Debut
  18. Kyōgen in the Postwar Era
  19. Japannequins : A New Bilingual Kyōgen Based on the Traditional Kyōgen Roku Jizō ( Six Jizō)
  20. Ana (Hole): A Modern Kyōgen Play
  21. Susugigawa (The Washing River): An Instant Classic
  22. Oko Sako (Oko and Sako): Wawashii Woman in the Kyōgen Oka and Sako
  23. Mikazuki (Winnowing Love)
  24. Chakagi Zatō (The Tea Sniffing Blind Men)
  25. Sakon Zaburō (Sakon Zaburō, the Hunter)
  26. Shimizu (Spring Water): Translating Shimizu for a Western Audience
  27. Suehirogari (The Fan of Felicity)
  28. Color Insert Plates
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