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Asian Theatre Journal 24.1 (2007)

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Plate 1
The Master's anger is abated by Tarō Kaja's bouncy chant, in Suehirogari (The Fan of Felicity). (Original print by Tanaka Kasen [1864–?] Photo: Courtesy of Jonah Salz)

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Plate 2
"I'm searching now to see if it says anywhere to 'Save a woman drowning in the river,'" the Man (Chihiro Hosono) tells Mother-in-Law (Eunsook Kim) in the 2002 University of Hawai'i production of Susugigawa (The Washing River). Mask carved by James M. Davenport. (Photo: Joshua E. Barnes)

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Plate 3
Toyota no Gin (Shigeyama Akira), Tailor Moon (Jonah Salz), and Freebie (Erica Salz), pose (upstage) as Designer (Tim Medlock, left) demands further tweaking of his "mannequins" of the Con Man (Maruishi Yasushi, right) in the Noho Theatre Group's December 2005 version of Japannequins. (Photo: Muranaka Osamu)

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Plate 4
Yoshinobu at age twelve (left) performing with his father, Chōzaburo (right) in Shimizu (Spring Water). (Photo: John Kuzel)

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Plate 5
"I want to taste it!" Jirolyn and Sabrina try to stop Taroline from eating the poison (actually sugar!) in a scene from Busu (The Delicious Poison) in OMT's Mangetsu no Itazura (Moonlight Madness). (Photo: Yamato Yasuji)

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Plate 6
The Husband/Horse (Ishida Yukio) leads the veiled Wife (Shigeyama Senzaburō) past the curious Priest (Nomura Mansaku II), while the Judge (Nomura Mansai II) watches the re-enactment in Yabu no naka (In a Thicket). (Photo: Yoshikawa Nobuyuki and courtesy of M & O Productions)



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