restricted access   Volume 53, Number 4, 2016

Table of Contents

Special Issue: The Indiscipline of Comparison


No Discipline: An Introduction to “The Indiscipline of Comparison”

pp. 647-659


Trying to Make It Real: An Exchange between Haun Saussy and David Damrosch

pp. 660-693


Breaking Discipline, Integrating Literature: Africa–China Relationships Reconsidered

pp. 694-721

Theory in a Relational World

pp. 722-746

Comparison and Translation: A Perspective from Actor-Network Theory

pp. 747-765

Comparison and Correspondence: Revisiting an Old Idea for the Present Time

pp. 766-785

Review Essay

What the World Thinks about Literature: Beyond Euro-American Theory and Criticism

pp. 786-793

Book Reviews

Nineteenth Century Literature

Hans Christian Andersen: European Witness by Paul Binding (review)

pp. 794-798

Translated Poe ed. by Emron Esplin and Margarita Vale de Gato (review)

pp. 798-801

The Brontë Sisters in Other Wor(l)ds ed. by Shouhua Qi and Jacqueline Padgett (review)

pp. 801-804

Eça de Queirós and the Victorian Press by Teresa Pinto Coelho (review)

pp. 805-807

Transatlantic Travels in Nineteenth-Century America: European Women Pilgrims by Adriana Méndez Rodenas (review)

pp. 808-811

Politics and Literature

Counterfeit Politics: Secret Plots and Conspiracy Narratives in the Americas by David Kelman (review)

pp. 812-814

The Legacy of Christopher Columbus in the Americas: New Nations and a Transatlantic Discourse of Empire by Elise Bartosik-Vélez (review)

pp. 814-818

Politics and Ideology in Children’s Literature ed. by Marian Thérèse Keyes and Áine McGillicuddy (review)

pp. 818-822

The Tragedy of Fatherhood: King Laius and the Politics of Paternity in the West by Silke-Maria Weineck (review)

pp. 822-826

The Testimonies of Russian and American Postmodern Poetry: Reference, Trauma, and History by Albena Lutzkanova-Vassileva (review)

pp. 826-829

Premodern Literatures

Mourning Philology: Art and Religion at the Margins of the Ottoman Empire by Marc Nichanian (review)

pp. 830-833

A Sea of Languages: Rethinking the Arabic Role in Medieval Literary History ed. by Suzanne Conklin Akbari and Karla Mallette (review)

pp. 833-837

Venus as Muse: From Lucretius to Michel Serres ed. by Hanjo Berressem, Günter Blamberger, and Sebastian Goth (review)

pp. 837-842

A Tremendous Thing: Friendship from the Iliad to the Internet by Gregory Jusdanis (review)

pp. 842-847

The Lives of the Novel: A History by Thomas G. Pavel, and: The Novel: An Alternative History, 1600–1800 by Steven Moore (review)

pp. 847-851

Postmodern Literatures

The Narrative Turn in Fiction and Theory: The Crisis and Return of Storytelling from Robbe-Grillet to Tournier by Hanna Meretoja (review)

pp. 851-854

The Maximalist Novel: From Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow to Roberto Bolano’s 2666 by Stefano Ercolino (review)

pp. 854-858

German Literatures and Others

German Literature as World Literature ed. by Thomas Oliver Beebee (review)

pp. 858-860

Womb Fantasies: Subjective Architectures in Postmodern Literature, Cinema, and Art by Caroline Rupprecht (review)

pp. 860-862

A Weak Messianic Power: Figures of a Time to Come in Benjamin, Derrida and Celan by Michael G. Levine (review)

pp. 862-866

Theory, Politics, Critique

The Poetics of Sleep: From Aristotle to Nancy by Simon Morgan Wortham (review)

pp. 866-869

Criticism after Critique: Aesthetics, Literature, and the Political ed. by Jeffrey R. Di Leo (review)

pp. 866-869

The Poetics of Otherness: War, Trauma, and Literature by Jonathan Hart (review)

pp. 872-875