restricted access   Volume 91, 2016

Table of Contents


Transformation 1986–2016

pp. i-ii


Introduction: social policy post 1994 in South Africa

pp. 1-18

Enabling agency: the Constitutional Court and social policy

pp. 19-39

The politics of universalising health care in South Africa: history, policy, and institutions

pp. 40-62

A nightmare on the brain of the living?: The endurance and limits of the collective bargaining regime

pp. 63-83

The governance of public schooling in South Africa and the middle class: social solidarity for the public good versus class interest

pp. 84-105

Social grants, food parcels and voting behaviour: a case study of three South African communities

pp. 106-135

The political dynamics of the adoption and extension of child support grants

pp. 136-156

The Community Work Programme: potentials and problems

pp. 157-177


The New Black Middle Class in South Africa by Roger Southall (review)

pp. 178-181

Notes on Contributors