restricted access   Volume 92, 2017

Table of Contents


Setting the level of a national minimum wage: What can South Africa learn from other countries’ experiences?

pp. 1-36

Voter abstention in South African 2014 elections: Beyond the apathy argument

pp. 37-59

Cultural boycotts as tools for social change: Lessons from South Africa

pp. 60-83

South Africa as a donor and southern Africa: The sustainable development goals (SDGs), emerging foreign policy and development themes in the post-Cotonou context

pp. 84-110

Leaving boxes behind: Civil society and water and sanitation struggles in Durban, South Africa

pp. 111-134


Land reform in South Africa is failing. Can it be saved?

pp. 135-157

Review Article

Maverick Insider: a struggle for union independence in a time of national liberation by Johnny Copelyn (review)

pp. 158-168


Reflections on the Freedom Charter by Mandla Seleoane and Ben Mokoena (review)

pp. 169-174

Notes on Contributors

p. 175