restricted access   Volume 36, Number 2, Summer 2016

Table of Contents


The Etymology of Nigger: Resistance, Language, and the Politics of Freedom in the Antebellum North

pp. 203-245

“Anti Societies Are Now All the Rage”: Jokes, Criticism, and Violence in Response to the Transformation of American Reform, 1825–1835

pp. 247-282

Slaves, Spaniards, and Subversion in Early Louisiana: The Persistent Fears of Black Revolt and Spanish Collusion in Territorial Louisiana, 1803–1812

pp. 283-311

Politics in and of Women's History in the Early Republic

Introduction: Politics in and of Women’s History in the Early American Republic

pp. 313-317

Mainstreams and Cutting Edges

pp. 319-325

On Integrating the History of Women into the Narrative of the Early Republic: A Forty-Year Perspective

pp. 327-334

The Personal Is Political Economy

pp. 335-341

Histories of Capitalism and Sex Difference

pp. 343-350

Periodization Problems: Race and Gender in the History of the Early Republic

pp. 351-357

Surveying the Fields

The Religious and the Secular in the Early American Republic

pp. 359-388

Review Essay

The Significance of the Frontier in American History

pp. 389-397


Edited by Sean P. Harvey and Lucia McMahon

Founding Friendships: Friendships between Men and Women in the Early American Republic by Cassandra Good (review)

pp. 399-402

Patriotism and Piety: Federalist Politics and Religious Struggle in the New American Nation by Jonathan J. Den Hartog (review)

pp. 402-405

Tyrannicide: Forging an American Law of Slavery in Revolutionary South Carolina and Massachusetts by Emily Blanck (review)

pp. 405-407

Amelioration and Empire: Progress and Slavery in the Plantation Americas by Christa Dierksheide (review)

pp. 407-410

A Tale of Two Plantations: Slave Life and Labor in Jamaica and Virginia by Richard S. Dunn (review)

pp. 410-414

The Lives of Chang & Eng: Siam’s Twins in Nineteenth Century America by Joseph Andrew Orser (review)

pp. 414-417

Capitalism by Gaslight: Illuminating the Economy of Nineteenth-Century America ed. by Brian P. Luskey and Wendy A. Woloson (review)

pp. 417-420

The Many Panics of 1837: People, Politics, and the Creation of a Transatlantic Financial Crisis by Jessica M. Lepler (review)

pp. 420-422

The Creole Affair: The Slave Rebellion That Led the U.S. and Great Britain to the Brink of War by Arthur T. Downey (review)

pp. 423-425

With Sails Whitening Every Sea: Mariners and the Making of an American Maritime Empire by Brian Rouleau (review)

pp. 425-428

A Wicked War: Polk, Clay, Lincoln, and the 1846 U.S. Invasion of Mexico by Amy S. Greenberg (review)

pp. 428-431

Rush to Gold: The French and the California Gold Rush, 1848–1854 by Malcolm J. Rohrbough (review)

pp. 431-434