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No.1.Top left. KennethCampbell. Chalice:Homage toJohnFerren,model, Tennessee Pink marble, 22 in high, 1978. This was to serve as the model for a 9 ft sculpture to be carved from a 10.3 ton block and a 5.6 ton block of TennesseePink marble. No. 2. Top right. Koji Miyazaki. Successive appearances in 2-space of a rolling 4dimensionaldie . They are shown from top left (a cube having a unique arrangement of spots) to top right (a rhombic dodecahedra1type havingfour arrangements of spots), to secondrow left (a hexagonalprism havingthree arrangements of spots) to the same row right, and so on, ending at bottom right; the sequencewould then return to top left to be repeated. No.3. Bottom. Michel Bret. Paysage Fractal,computer-generatedimage, 1986. Figure illustrates the simulationof mountainsthrough use of fractals. , ...


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