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Top left: Jan Zach. View ofcolored bands on poles of'Galaxy'. (Photo: John Crook, Longview, Wash., U.S.A.) (Fig. 2, see page 316) Top right: Susan Glyn. 'Burning Bush', stained glass, 140x60 em, 1976. (Photographed by P. W. L. Thompson in Coventry Cathedral, England, with permission) (Fig.3, page 267) Center: David W. Brisson. A stereoscopic pair of projections of a hypercube. A hyperstereogram, watercolor, 16x26 em, 1977.(Fig. 3, see page 311) (See Fig. 2 in text) Bottom left: View of a light show with dancers wearing stretched fabrics. Wavefronts Theatre of Performing Lights, San Francisco, Calif., 1979. (Fig. 3, see page 307) Bottom right: Paul Klee. 'Nackt auf dem Bett' ('Naked on the Bed'), watercolour, 21.0x29.5 em, 1939. (Collection of Felix Klee, Bern, -Switzerland) (Copyright, Cosmopress, Geneva and SPADEM, Paris) (Fig. 8, see page 281) ...


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