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  • [prayer]
  • Charlotte Lieberman (bio)

Can there be any there    can’t be any thing to accuseme of excuse me I am

exhausted my body is    haunted is it youwho is it that is hunted

who is hunting, it is that    you are, what are youdoing to try to do to find

the space any    space that exists becausethere is some thing that is not

that surrounds it    is around it to dispute itsomehow. Dispute me

some how this    thing should exist already, is allready to serve you like you

serving us with chaos is    it really real is it reallychaotic density the way chain

mail can drape    and protect all at once—a fragment of a figure [End Page 135]

chosen as fragment    will disarm your expectationfor foreground while I

can access those    harmonic echoes,voices heard through thoughts now

untangled. Abbreviate it.    Abbreviate what itis. What is it that you want. [End Page 136]

Charlotte Lieberman

Charlotte Lieberman is a New York–based poet and nonfiction writer who thinks (and writes) mostly about literature, feminism, technology and communication, meditation, and wellness.



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