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476ComparativeDrama Reviews SPRING.' David Mils,Recyclingthe Cycle: The CityofChesterandIts Whitsun Plays (Lawrence M. Clopper); Constance Jordan,Shakespeare'sMonarchies: Ruler and Subject in the Romances (Christy Desmet); David Mamet, 77iree Uses ofthe Knife: On theNature and Purpose ofDrama (Richard W. Mitchell); Jody Enders, The Medieval Theater of Cruelty: Rhetoric, Memory, Violence (Leanne Groeneveld); Patrick Cheney, Marlowe's Counterfeit Profession: Ovid, Spenser, Counter-Nationhood (Grace Tiffany); Peter Walls, Music in the English Courtly Masque (Kathryn Lowerre). SUMMER: Dorset, ed. Rosalind Conklin Hays and C. E. McGee, and Cornwall, ed. Sally L. Joyce and Evelyn S. Newlyn (Brian Murdoch); Scott McMillan and Sally-Beth MacLean, The Queen's Men and their Plays (Sara Eaton); Edna Nahshon, Yiddish Proletarian Theatre: TheArt and Politics ofthe Artef, 1925-1940 (Ahuva Belkin); John Russell Brown,NewSitesforShakespeare: Theatre, theAudience, andAsia (Ralph Berry); Sharon M. Carnicke, Stanislavsky in Focus (Jason Merrill); W. B. Worthen, Shakespeare and the Authority ofPerformance (James Coakley); Annette J. Saddik, The Politics of Reputation: The Critical Reception ofTennessee Williams' Later Plays (Felicia Hardison Londre). FALL: Nina S. Levine, Women's Matters, Politics, Gender, and Nation in Shakespeare's Early History Plays (Christy Desmet); Gordon Kipling, Enter The King: Theatre, Liturgy, and Ritual in the Medieval Civic Triumph (W. R. Streitberger); Barbara Hodgdon, The Shakespeare Trade: Performances and Appropriations (Sara Eaton); Allen Carey-Webb, MakingSubject(s): Literature and Emergence ofNational Identity (Gonzalo Martínez Camino); Michael Werth Gelber, TheJust and the Lively: The Literary Criticism ofJohn Dryden (Jennifer Brady); William W. Demastes, Theatre of Chaos: Beyond Absurdism, into Orderly Disorder (Jeffrey D. Hoeper). WINTER: Raphael Falco, Charismatic Authority in Early Modern English Tragedy (Christy Desmet); Angela C. Pao, The Orient ofthe Boulevards: Exoticism , Empire, andNineteenth-CenturyFrench Theater (Lifongo Vetinde); OfBorders and Thresholds: Theatre History, Practice, and Theory, ed. Michal Kobialka (Frank Bradley); Ralph Berry, Tragic Instance: The Sequence of Shakespeare's Tragedies (Alexander Leggati); Richard Foulkes, Church and Stage in Victorian England (Robert Sawyer); La comedia españolay el teatro europeo delsigloXVIL, ed. HenryW. Sullivan, Raúl A. Galoppe, and Mahlon L.Stoutz (Gary E. Bigelow). ...


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