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  • portal: Libraries and the Academy 2009 Johns Hopkins University Press Award for Best Article
  • Sarah M. Pritchard

The portal: Libraries and the Academy Board of Editors Awards Committee is pleased to announce that "African-American Women Leaders in Academic Research Libraries," featured in the July 2008, Volume 8, Number 3 issue has been awarded the 2009 Johns Hopkins University Press Award for the best article featured in portal in the 2008 volume, The winning article, authored by Sharon K. Epps, uses qualitative interviewing and research methods to identify the attributes, knowledge, and skills that African American women need in order to be successful leaders in today's Association of Research Libraries (ARL) member institutions. These findings indicate that, although African American women do not need different skills sets than non-minority library directors to be successful, they may need additional attributes or more of certain attributes to overcome stereotypes and successfully navigate predominantly White academic research library environments.

The criteria used in the selection process for this award included the quality of research methodology, the extent to which the article places library issues in a broader academic or higher education context, the extent to which the article makes a significant contribution to the literature or the advancement of knowledge, its timeliness, and the overall quality of writing. After an independent review of articles nominated by board members, "African-American Women Leaders in Academic Research Libraries" was selected as the fifth annual recipient. The Editorial Board is especially pleased to give prominent visibility to these major professional concerns of leadership and diversity in higher education. In addition to the Johns Hopkins University Press Award, the author will receive a five hundred dollar cash prize. [End Page 435]



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