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Prairie Schooner 79.4 (2005) 206-210

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Contents of Volume 79, 2005

Arrieu-King, Cynthia Two poems SP 134
Bachman, Beth A Prairie Schooner Portfolio: Ekphrastic poems W 48
Balk, Christianne Three poems F 52
Bang, Mary Jo A Prairie Schooner Portfolio: Ekphrastic poems W 49
Bargmann, Dorie Thirteen More Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, essay F 136
Barnes, Jane Rapture, story SU 42
Barnstone, Tony Three poems F 147
Behrendt, Stephen C. Davenport's Version, John Gery, review SU 188
Not So the Chairs: Selected and New Poems, Donald Finkel, review SU 188
The Hills of Holland, Esther Schor, review F 181
Slow Risen Among the Smoke Trees, Elizabeth Kirschner, review F 181
The Burning World, Robert Gibb, review W 179
The Lives of the Animals, Robert Wrigley, review W 179
Berger, Suzanne E. Horizon, poem SU 87
Black, William Midnight Thoughts on the Law of Probability, story F 57
Blumenthal, Michael Two poems SU 64
Bond, Bruce Two poems F 82
Buchsbaum, Betty Winter and Storm, poem SP 174
Byrd, Sigman The Jack-Tar's Lament, poem SU 101
Cahill, Jennifer Fumiko Two poems, SP 85
Chang, Diane The Apartment, story SP 98
Chang, Leonard Wood Chips, story SU 114
Chase, Naomi Feigelson Three poems F 86
Christie, A.V. Two poems W 104
Cleghorn, Cassandra Two poems SP 41
Cokal, Susann Shooting Snakes, story W 135
Colbert, Jaimee Wriston The Manager's Son, story F 35
Colburn, Nadia Herman April, poem SP 177
Colman, Cathy Four poems SU 107
Cooney, Brendan Live from the Sports Bar, essay F 165
Cornett, Michael Aerial Views, poem F 73
Daniels, Jim Three poems SU 57
Davidson, Chad A Prairie Schooner Portfolio: Ekphrastic poems W 30
Diaz, Bianca No One Says Kin Anymore, poem W 110
Dubrow, Jehanne Underground Rivers, Peggy Shumaker, essay SU 185
Duhamel, Denise Urban Legend, poem SU 83
Dunn, Stephen Three poems SU 24 [End Page 206]
Dunne, Gregory A Conversation with Scott Cairns, interview SP 44
Fay, Julie Heat Wave, poem SU 175
Finch, Annie Eclipse: Blood Moon, poem SU 178
Flaherty, Kate The Property of Water, story SP 146
Forhan, Chris Four poems SP 38
Freeman, Jan Rose Again, poem F 55
Freidson, Matt Wooden Fish, story SU 161
Friman, Alice November Trees, poem SU 180
Two poems F 49
Garbett, Ann D. Three poems W 126
Gemin, Pamela Oh Honey, poem SP 132
Gibb, Robert Two poems SP 31
Gillan, Maria Mazziotti Two poems F 144
Goldbarth, Albert Two poems SP 53
Green, Emily M. Three poems F 155
Green, Samuel Five poems SP 130
Griffith, Rob Three poems W 164
Gyllenhaal, Stephen Land of the Free, poem SP 69
Gwartney, Debra The Note, essay W 89
Hacker, Marilyn For Anna Akhmatova, poem F 14
Halperin, Mark Four poems SU 103
Hansen, Ron Wilde in Omaha, story SU 5
Harper, Misty A Prairie Schooner Portfolio: Ekphrastic poems W 43
Head, Karen Six poems F 77
Helder, Herberto Four untitled poems, trans by Alexis Levitin F 107
Henry, Brian From Quarantine, poem SU 122
Hernandez, David A Brief History of Antidepressants, poem SP 168
Hicok, Bob A Prairie Schooner Portfolio: Ekphrastic poems W 35
Hickok, Betsy Snow Two poems SP 143
Horan, Elizabeth Abundant Light, Valerie Miner, review W 183
Hutchins, Christina Two poems SU 111
Hutton, Susan Three poems W 80
Ifland, Alta Metallic Choir, poem, trans by the author W 87
Iseman, Rhett Two poems SP 91
Jackson, Richard Rampant, Marvin Bell, review SU 193
Jacobstein, Roy Six poems F 23
Jenkins, Linda Two poems W 130
Johnson, Jonathan Two poems SU 152
Jones, Alden Something Will Grow, story F 151
Jueds, Kasey Cave Painting, Font-de-Gaume, poem SP 70
Katz, Joy Three poems F 109
Kercheval, Jesse Lee Three poems SU 34
Kern, Nancy Push, story F 120
Kimball, Michael From How Much of Us There Was, story F 5
Kinsella, John Three poems SP 28 [End Page 207]
Knight, Lynne Two poems SP 110
Kolosov, Jacqueline Two poems SP 64
Kumin, Maxine Writing in Multiple Genres, essay, W 5
Krysl, Marilyn Bloody Mary, Sharon Solwitz, review SP 193


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