restricted access   Volume 36, Number 1, March 2018

Table of Contents


Ecological Footprints

pp. 1-2

Restoration Note

The Prairie Reconstruction Initiative Database: Promoting Standardized Documentation of Reconstructions

pp. 3-5


Developing a Framework for Evaluating Tallgrass Prairie Reconstruction Methods and Management

pp. 6-18

Transplanting Following Non-Native Plant Control in Rocky Mountain Foothills Fescue Grassland Restoration

pp. 19-27

Tipping the Native-Exotic Balance: Succession in Restored Upland Prairies in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

pp. 28-40

Passive Roadside Restoration Reduces Management Costs and Fosters Native Habitat

pp. 41-51

Tree Seedling Survival Depends on Canopy Age, Cover and Initial Composition: Trade-offs in Forest Restoration Enrichment Planting

pp. 52-61

Effects of Social-Ecological Scale Mismatches on Estuary Restoration at the Project and Landscape Level in Puget Sound, USA

pp. 62-75

Evaluating Riparian Restoration Success: Long-Term Responses of the Breeding Bird Community in California’s Lower Putah Creek Watershed

pp. 76-85


pp. 86-93

Recently Received Titles

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