restricted access   Volume 35, Number 4, December 2017

Table of Contents


Growing Pains: Hopes and Heartaches at Native Plant Nurseries

pp. 279-280


Forest Landscape Restoration: Progress in the Last Decade and Remaining Challenges

pp. 281-288

Restoration Notes

Furrows as Centers of Restoration in Old Fields of Renosterveld, South Africa

pp. 289-291

Regional Genetic Differences in Forest Herbaceous Species

pp. 291-296

Germination Characteristics of a Native Non-Indigenous Prairie Forb in Prairie Plantings

pp. 296-298

Japanese Knotweed Management in the Riparian Zone of the Bronx River

pp. 298-302


Weed Establishment and Persistence after Water Pipeline Installation and Reclamation in the Mixed Grass Prairie of Western North Dakota

pp. 303-310

Soils Determine Early Revegetation Establishment with and without Cover Crops in Northern Mixed Grass Prairie after Energy Development

pp. 311-319

Removing Invasive Lonicera maackii and Seeding Native Plants Alters Riparian Ecosystem Function

pp. 320-327

Short-Term Response of Vegetation and the Riparian Bird Community to Dam Removal on the Rogue River, Oregon

pp. 328-340

Long-term Outcomes of Natural-process Riparian Restoration on a Regulated River Site: The Rio Grande Albuquerque Overbank Project after 16 Years

pp. 341-353

Techniques to Restore Coastal Scrub at a Reclaimed Quarry in Central California

pp. 354-361


pp. 362-368


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