restricted access   Volume 40, Number 4, Summer 2017

Table of Contents


Understanding How Lifelong Learning Shapes the Career Trajectories of Women with STEM Doctorates: The Life Experiences and Role Negotiations (LEARN) Model

pp. 477-507

Industrialized Higher Education and its Sustainable Alternatives

pp. 509-532

The Freedom to Learn: Experiences of Students without Legal Status Attending Freedom University

pp. 533-555

Promotion Beyond Tenure: Unpacking Racism and Sexism in the Experiences of Black Womyn Professors

pp. 557-583

From an Analytical Framework for Understanding the Innovation Process in Higher Education to an Emerging Research Field of Innovations in Higher Education

pp. 585-616

Book Reviews

Student Affairs Assessment: Theory to Practice by Gavin W. Henning and Darby Roberts (review)

pp. 617-619

Critical Approaches to the Study of Higher Education: A Practical Introduction eds. by Ana M. Martínez-Alemán, Brian Pusser, and Estela Mara Bensimon (review)

pp. 619-623

Closing the Opportunity Gap: Identity-Conscious Strategies for Retention and Student Success ed. by Vijay Pendakur (review)

pp. 623-627

Inside Graduate Admissions: Merit, Diversity, and Faculty Gatekeeping by Julie R. Posselt (review)

pp. 627-630

The Branding of the American Mind: How Universities Capture, Manage, and Monetize Intellectual Property and Why it Matters by Jacob H. Rooksby (review)

pp. 630-633

Review of Higher Education

pp. 635-637