restricted access   Volume 14, Number 3, July 2014

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Imagining the Future of Academic Libraries

Guest Editor: Damon E. Jaggars, Columbia University,

This special issue explores the possibilities of what academic libraries might become or cease to be in a speculative future. Experts from different sectors of the academic library ecosystem were asked to share their visions of the future, with the intention of providing insights that might fuel the creation of vital futures for academic libraries and librarians.
—Damon E. Jaggars


We Can Imagine the Future, But Are We Equipped to Create It?

pp. 319-323

The University as a Fully Integrated and Distributed Platform: A Vision

pp. 325-328

Imagine! On the Future of Teaching and Learning and the Academic Research Library

pp. 329-351

Start a New Fire: Measuring the Value of Academic Libraries in Undergraduate Learning

pp. 353-367

Staying True to the Core: Designing the Future Academic Library Experience

pp. 369-382

Reenvisioning Teaching and Learning: Opportunities for Campus IT

pp. 383-391

Collection Directions: The Evolution of Library Collections and Collecting

pp. 393-423

Access to Everything: Building the Future Academic Library Collection

pp. 425-437

Diversity, Social Justice, and the Future of Libraries

pp. 439-451

Librarian as Futurist: Changing the Way Libraries Think About the Future

pp. 453-462