restricted access   Volume 21, Issue 1, 2014

Table of Contents


Regulatory Translations: Expertise and Affect in Global Legal Fields

pp. 1-25

What Is in a Percentage?: Calculation as the Poetic Translation of Human Rights

pp. 27-53

Regular Soybeans: Translation and Framing in the Ontological Politics of a Coup

pp. 55-78

Critical Cultural Translation: A Socio-Legal Framework for Regulatory Orders

pp. 79-105

Sinister Translations: Law’s Authority in a Post-9/11 World

pp. 107-143

Misreading and Mobility in Constitutional Texts: A Nineteenth Century Case

pp. 145-158

Competition Law Reform in Turkey: Actors, Networks, Translations

pp. 159-193

Translations in Regulatory Space: The Arenas of Regulatory Innovation in Accounting Standard Setting

pp. 195-221

The Persistence of National Peculiarities: Translating Representative Environmental Action from Transnational into German Law

pp. 223-261

Lost Without Translation?: Cross-Referencing and a New Global Community of Courts

pp. 263-296

Book Review

A Review of Authoritarian Rule of Law: Legislation, Discourse and Legitimacy in Singapore by Jothie Rajah

pp. 297-301


Pashtunistan’s Future: The Global Executive or a Regional Solution

pp. 303-333

Bitcoin: The Economic Case for a Global, Virtual Currency Operating in an Unexplored Legal Framework

pp. 335-368

Targeted Drug Donations: A Necessary Evil in Need of a Global Harness and a Possible Cure for TRIPS Shortcomings

pp. 369-388

Book Note

A Review of Values in Translation: Human Rights and the Culture of the World Bank by Galit A. Sarfaty

pp. 389-394