restricted access   Volume 20, Issue 2, 2013

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note

p. 521

Symposium: Transnational Societal Constitutionalism

Guest Editors: Gunther Teubner & Anna Beckers
Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin, Italy
May 17-19, 2012

Part I: Introduction

Expanding Constitutionalism

pp. 523-550

Part II: Beyond Nation-State Constitutions: The Move to the "Societal" and to the "Transnational"

A Sociology of Constituent Power: The Political Code of Transnational Societal Constitutions

pp. 551-603

The Cosmopolitan Turn in Constitutionalism: An Integrated Conception of Public Law

pp. 605-628

On the Politics of Societal Constitutionalism

pp. 629-663

Jurisgenerative Constitutionalism: Procedural Principles for Managing Global Legal Pluralism

pp. 665-695

Part III: Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Societal Constitutions

We and Cyberlaw: The Spatial Unity of Constitutional Orders

pp. 697-730

The Future of Societal Constitutionalism in the Age of Acceleration

pp. 731-776

Part IV: New Constitutional Subjects: Transnational Normative Orders, Multinational Corporations, Global Social Movements

Transnational Normative Orders: The Constitutionalism of Intra- and Trans-Normative Law

pp. 777-803

Transnational Corporations’ Outward Expression of Inward Self-Constitution: The Enforcement of Human Rights by Apple, Inc.

pp. 805-879

Societal Constitutionalism, Social Movements, and Constitutionalism from Below

pp. 881-906

Part V: Constitutional Arenas

Private Governance of Knowledge: Societally-Crafted Intellectual Properties Regimes

pp. 907-940

Occupy the System! Societal Constitutionalism and Transnational Corporate Accounting

pp. 941-964

Social Movements as Constituent Power: The Italian Struggle for the Commons

pp. 965-1013

Fundamental Rights, Private Law, and Societal Constitution: On the Logic of the So-Called Horizontal Effect

pp. 1015-1034

Constitutionalization of Nongovernmental Certification Programs

pp. 1035-1059

Symposium: Women in Legal Practice: Global and Local Perspectives

Guest Editors: Carole Silver, Steven A. Boutcher, and Gabriele Plickert
Annual Meeting of the Law & Society Association
June 5-8, 2012

Part I: Introduction

Introduction: Effects of Global Developments on Gender and the Legal Practice

pp. 1061-1069

Part II: Global Perspectives

Women in the Legal Profession, 1970-2010: A Study of the Global Supply of Lawyers

pp. 1071-1137

Gender and Global Lawyering: Where are the Women?

pp. 1139-1167

Part III: National Perspective

The Impact of the Economic Downturn on Women Lawyers in the United States

pp. 1169-1202

Parenthood Status and Compensation in Law Practice

pp. 1203-1222

Leaving Private Practice: How Organizational Context, Time Pressures, and Structural Inflexibilities Shape Departures from Private Law Practice

pp. 1223-1260

“Why is Gender a Form of Diversity?”: Rising Advantages for Women in Global Indian Law Firms

pp. 1261-1289

Gender and Difference Among Brazilian Lawyers and Judges: Public and Private Practice in the Global Periphery

pp. 1291-1309

Chinese Women in Legal Education

pp. 1311-1357

Part IV: Conclusion

Afterward: A Comparative Look at the Status of Women in the Legal Profession

pp. 1359-1372


The Affordable Care Act and International Recruitment and Migration of Nursing Professionals

pp. 1373-1391

The Recurring Native Response to Global Labor Migration

pp. 1393-1423

A Diamond Scheme is Forever Lost: The Kimberley Process’s Deteriorating Tripartite Structure and its Consequences for the Scheme’s Survival

pp. 1425-1444

What’s in a Name?: Geographical Indicators, Legal Protection, and the Vulnerability of Zinfandel

pp. 1445-1471