restricted access   Volume 21, Issue 2, 2014

Table of Contents


Epistemologies of the South and Human Rights: Santos and the Quest for Global and Cognitive Justice

pp. 395-422

Making the Client’s Peace: “Privatizing” Peace? Global Law Firms Offering Pro Bono Services in Post-Conflict Settings

pp. 423-452

Regulating Water and War in Iraq: A Dangerous Dark Side of New Governance

pp. 453-482

Making the Machine Work: Technocratic Engineering of Rights for Domestic Workers at the International Labour Organization

pp. 483-511

The Corporation, New Governance, and the Power of the Publicization Narrative

pp. 513-551


The Politics of Law and the Laws of Politics: The Political Paradoxes of Transnational Constitutionalism

pp. 553-583


Class Actions, Conflict and the Global Economy

pp. 585-597


Changing Tides: Tax Haven Reform and the Changing Views on Transnational Capital Flow Regulation and the Role of States in a Globalized World

pp. 599-617

A Call for Truth in the Fashion Pages: What the Global Trend in Advertising Regulation Means for U.S. Beauty and Fashion Advertisers

pp. 619-641

Protecting the Home Turf: National Bar Associations and the Foreign Lawyer

pp. 619-641

A Trail to Modernity: Observations on the New Developments of China’s Evidence Legislation Movement in a Global Context

pp. 683-705