restricted access   Volume 158, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Burlesque

Editors: Shelley Scott and Reid Gilbert


Teasing, Transgressing, Defining—Broadening the Spectrum of Sexy

pp. 5-6

In Search of a Different History: The Remains of Burlesque in Montreal

pp. 7-12

“Well, Melody, what is your skirt gonna turn into now?”: An Interview with Melody Mangler

pp. 13-17

Backwoods Burlesque: Off-the-Grid Tsk Tsk

pp. 18-21

Stuck to the Pole: Raven Virginia and the Redefinition of Burlesque in Calgary

pp. 22-26

Are You Staring at the Size of My Gimmick? Applying Burlesque Conventions to a Different Anatomy

pp. 27-32

Neo-Burlesque and the Resurgence of Roller Derby: Empowerment, Play, and Community

pp. 33-38

Extinguishing the “Temptation of Monetary Inducements”: The State Regulation and Stigmatization of Adult Entertainment Recruiters on Post-secondary Campuses in British Columbia

pp. 39-43

Re-Vamping History: Neo-Burlesque and Historical Tradition

pp. 44-47

An Interview with Alex Tigchelaar, Formerly Sasha Van Bon Bon of The Scandelles

pp. 48-49

“You’re Just a Stripper that Came Out of a Time Machine”: Operation Snatch’s Queer World-Making and Sex-Working Class Politics

pp. 50-53


Neon Nightz

pp. 54-65

Views and Reviews


p. 66

Miss Toronto Acts Back: Observing and Thinking in Montage

pp. 67-71

Chika Modum. identity: borrowed, enlarged, projected, traced and modified

pp. 72-75

(Dis)Embodied Authority in White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

pp. 76-80

Online Feature

The Politics of Burlesque: A Dialogue Among Dancers

pp. s1-s16