restricted access   Volume 157, Winter 2014

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Alternative Globalizations

Edited by Barry Freeman and Catherine Graham



Imagining Alternative Globalizations through Performance

pp. 5-6

Occupy Newfoundland and the Dramaturgy of Endurance

pp. 7-11

On the Road with The Global Savages: An Interview with Debajehmujig’s Joe Osawabine and Ron Berti

pp. 12-16

The Great Harvest of Hope—Brazil 2010: Creating International Dialogue with Emerging Artists

pp. 17-21

Far-Flung Places: A Conversation about the Theatre of Human Cargo

pp. 22-25

After Kandahar: Canadian Theatre’s Engagement with the War in Afghanistan

pp. 26-29

State of Denial: Cultural Diversity as a Resource for Alternative Globalization

pp. 30-33

Beyond Monumentalization: Activating Empathy for the “Lost Subjects of History” through Embodied Memorial Performance

pp. 34-38

A Study in Dissonance: Performing Alternative Food Systems

pp. 39-42

Reconsidering Wealth: From a Treatise on Political Economy to a Transnational Artistic Project

pp. 43-46


Recounting Our Riches

pp. 47-61

Views and Reviews


On Building Communities, Not Audiences

pp. 62-63

Aluna Theatre: Building Pan-American Communities

pp. 64-67

Responses (Visceral and Reflective) to Doug Borwick’s Building Communities, Not Audiences

pp. 68-71

Building Communities, Not Audiences: An urban ink Manifesto

pp. 72-74

Building Community and Occupying Space: An Interview with Majdi Bou-Matar

pp. 75-78

Online Feature

A Journey through Time and Place in Debajehmujig’s The Global Savages: A Slideshow

pp. s1-s13