restricted access   Volume 159, Summer 2014

Table of Contents

Digital Performance

edited by Peter Kuling and Laura Levin


Digital Performance in Canada

pp. 5-8

The New Intimacy: rihannaboi95 and Web Theatre

pp. 9-12

iTalk, YouListen, WePerform: Participatory Media on the Canadian Stage

pp. 13-18

Praxis in Practice: Digital Media and Social Design in Performance

pp. 19-23

Highlights from Praxis Theatre’s Encounters with Social Media

pp. 24-29

Decolonial Interventions in Performance and New Media Art: In Conversation with Cheryl L’Hirondelle and Kent Monkman

pp. 30-37

Patch Notes: Playing the Selves in Gamespace

pp. 38-42

Outing Ourselves in Outer Space: Canadian Identity Performances in BioWare’s Mass Effect Trilogy

pp. 43-47

Voice of the Patriots: An Interview with Canadian Video Game Performer David Hayter

pp. 48-51

I, Patient: Performance Practices in Medical Simulation at Hôpital Montfort

pp. 52-57

Inside Information: Ken Cameron’s How iRan

pp. 58-61


How iRan: Three Plays for iPod (Selections from the Green, White, and Red iPod Scripts)

pp. 62-67

How iRan: Three Plays for iPod (Part 1: Green)

pp. s13-s33

How iRan: Three Plays for iPod (Part 2: White)

pp. s34-s53

How iRan: Three Plays for iPod (Part 3: Red)

pp. s54-s73

LANDLINE: Halifax to Vancouver

pp. 68-80

Views and Reviews


p. 81

How Can We Talk about Affect in Digital Performance?

pp. 82-85

A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football

pp. 86-88

“The Body’s Delicate”: LEAR, a Collaborative Case Study in Contemporary Feminist Theatre

pp. 89-92

An Archive of Encounter: Travels beyond Borders with Madeleine Blais-Dahlem

pp. 93-96

Online Feature

A Photographic Journey through Digital Technology in Canadian Performances

pp. s1-s11