restricted access   Volume 50, Number 2, Spring 2014

Table of Contents


Teakettle, and: Scribblers

pp. 175-176

Early Berry Picking

pp. 175-176

Target Practice, and: Flowers and Runaways

pp. 175-176

Department of Acoustic Appliances

p. 190

Work, and: Aubade, and: Sonnet with Horses Where the Turn Should Be

pp. 208-212

All My Jellies, and: Old Poets

pp. 232-238

Nancy’s Garden before a Storm

p. 261

Rereading The Golden Bowl after Thirty Years, and: Ending the Semester in Am Lit, and: The Morning after Our Second Ecopoetry Class

pp. 262-267

Carillon, and: Whispering Sisters

pp. 280-286

The Steamer, and: Seven Deadly Sins

pp. 302-303

Stars, Moon, Rooster, and: Maybe That Good Cherry Jam

pp. 304-305

The Way It Is, and: When My Baby Rocks the Funk, and: The One Who Should Write My Elegy Is Dead

pp. 324-326


p. 327



pp. 191-207

The Beautiful Light

pp. 213-231

Olympus Falls

pp. 239-245


pp. 246-251

¿Qué hora son, mi corazón?

pp. 269-279

Bel Horizonte

pp. 306-323

Camera Obscura

pp. 328-331


In the Blood

pp. 177-186

I Am Thinking of Pablo Casals

p. 268

The Matchmaker’s Mouth

pp. 287-301

Notes toward a Greater Unbalancing: Judo, Your Mother, and Clive Cussler Calling

pp. 332-338

Visual Art

Artist’s Statement

pp. 252-260



pp. v-viii