restricted access   Volume 50, Number 3, Summer 2014

Table of Contents


pp. v-ix


The Hike Is Marriage, the Water Is Love

p. 339

Wedding vows, and: In this case, “you” is you, and: Mirror mirror

pp. 340-342

Dear Daphne,

pp. 354-355

Medea’s Vow

pp. 356-357


p. 367


pp. 368-370

To the Peeping Tom Who Disguised Himself as an Oklahoma Night, and: Why I’ll Never Fear Getting Red Chili Oil in My Eye: Montage of My Mother in Finishing School

pp. 388-391

At the Party, and: Carefully

pp. 392-395

Immigration, and: Commerce, and: The World You Inhabit

pp. 411-413

Sincerely, the Blue Jay, and: Anyone Who Is Still Trying

pp. 414-417

Hosanna, and: To an Elephant Heart Plum, and: Eclipse

pp. 433-436


p. 437

Love Letter to Irresponsibility

pp. 446-447

How to Know Two

p. 448

Monet in England, and: Le Jardin des Tuileries

pp. 449-450

To the Stranger Who Asked Me to Nominate Him for the Nobel Prize

p. 461

Arrival at Riverstone

p. 462


p. 463

When Dahlia Wants to Be Alone

p. 464


pp. 483-489

This Town Is Alright., and: Three Cows, and: As You Come Driving Through, and: Late-Night Inquiry, and: Some Late-Summer Evening

pp. 506-510



pp. 343-353

The Three Graces

pp. 358-366

Gather Darkness

pp. 396-410

Translator’s Note

p. 418

Miracle in Parque Chas

pp. 419-423

La Boca del Lobo

pp. 438-445


pp. 465-482

Stepping out of the Cow

pp. 490-505


A Franco-American in Montréal

pp. 371-387

Against Ekphrasis, or How Naming v. Bridging and Being Lonely Led Me to Gorky’s Ghost’s Mask

pp. 451-460

Visual Art

Artist’s Statement

pp. 424-432