restricted access   Volume 50, Number 1, Winter 2014

Table of Contents


pp. v-ix


The Joins

p. 1

Heat Lightning, and: Crepuscular

pp. 2-5

Saturday Afternoon at the Midland Theatre in Newark, Ohio

p. 21

Icons: Rose Marie on The Dick Van Dyke Show, and: Reading Anna Karenina

pp. 22-23

Small Disasters Seen in Sunlight

pp. 36-41

For Shergar, Neither Ode nor Elegy

pp. 53-55

Ohio, and: Poem for 8:00 am

pp. 56-58

Dark Water Rising

p. 73

Silk Roads, and: Interior

pp. 74-76


pp. 84-85

The Way a Man, and: Western Land, and: Nothing Has a Shadow

pp. 95-98

The Colony at Malibu

p. 113

The Flayed Ox

pp. 114-115

Kepler’s Song

p. 123

Life on a Smaller Planet

p. 124

Notes on Beauty: The Skull

pp. 131-133

Deck of Hearts, and: Highway

pp. 147-148

Collecting Light, and: Your Eyes

pp. 149-150

Wracked Blue Suitcase

pp. 166-167

Sunday Paper

p. 168



pp. 6-20


pp. 42-52

The Orange Line

pp. 59-72

Beneath the Eyes of Venus and Jupiter

pp. 77-83

Complicated and Annoying Little Robot

pp. 125-130

A Real Imaginary Sister

pp. 151-165


Scotch Tape

pp. 24-35


pp. 99-112

Murder in a Clear, Cool Voice

pp. 116-122

A Love of Food

pp. 134-146

How I Married Michele

pp. 169-174

Visual Art

sculptures by Bernardí Roig

pp. 86-94