restricted access   Volume 49, Number 4, Autumn 2013

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I Will Not Talk in Class

p. 523

Adrienne Rich, and: Transfixed

pp. 524-525

The Subjunctive, and: The Field, and: February

pp. 543-545

The Harbor

pp. 546-547

The Creation

p. 557

Twelve Jesus Night-Lights

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First Practice

p. 575

In Koine Greek

pp. 576-577

To the Stars through Difficulties

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p. 601

The Would-Be Whale Eater

pp. 602-603

Body Politic: To Ezra Pound in Purgatory

pp. 604-613

This Universal Contraption, and: Indigo Bunting

pp. 623-624

Three Poems

p. 625

A Visit

pp. 626-627

KO, and: Gabriel’s Poems

pp. 644-646

Lapis Lazuli

p. 647

Room for Rent

pp. 648-649

[The man said starless], and: [It happened]

pp. 650-651

According to Ibid

p. 677

Receiver, and: Saint Sebastian

pp. 678-679

Anno Domini 2004, and: My Sister Tells Me Her Prayer about the World of Men

pp. 680-681

October 30, 1938

pp. 692-693

Ars Poetica

pp. 694-695

Wildflowers, and: November Trees, and: Endgame in August

pp. 696-700

Fish and Game

p. 704

Lunch at the Brew Moon, and: The Bad Singers of San Miguel de Allende, and: The Afterlife

pp. 705-709


Water and Oil

pp. 527-542

The Living Room Store

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pp. 562-574

The Gap Year

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A Real Marriage

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The National Book Award 1963, Revisited

Browsers’ Prize: An Introduction to the National Book Award 1963, Revisited

pp. 652-655

John Updike Writes Like a Girl

pp. 656-660

The Last Word: On Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

pp. 661-664

Is It Real?: On Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle

pp. 665-667

“A Veritable Angel of Mercy”: The Problem of Nurse Ratched in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

pp. 668-671

Consider the Marshmallow: Cassandra at the Wedding and the Boyle’s Law Novel

pp. 672-676

Visual Art

public-space art

pp. 614-622