restricted access   Volume 104, Number 2, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction

p. 169


The Rabbi and the Rebels: A Pamphlet on the Ḥerem by Rabbi Isaac Aboab da Fonseca

pp. 171-191

Isaac ha-Kohen’s Letter to Marco Lippomano: Jewish-Christian Exchange and Arabic Learning in Renaissance Italy

pp. 192-233

Kabbalah as Philosophia Perennis?: The Image of Judaism in the German Early Enlightenment: Three Studies

pp. 234-257

Review Forum

On: David Ruderman’s Early Modern Jewry: A New Cultural History

How Early Did We Become Modern?

pp. 259-262

What Do Christian Hebraists Have to Do with the Cultural History of Judaism?

pp. 263-274

Jewish Geography

pp. 275-277

Culture and Money: The Economic Dimension of Cultural History and What It Can Teach Us

pp. 278-287

Review Essays

Yiddish Literature’s Outliers: Early and Late, Italy and Poland, Rhetorical and Peripheral

pp. 289-306

New Chapters in the History of Early Modern Ashkenaz

pp. 307-314

Learning about Judaism from Apostate Writings

pp. 315-322

England’s Other Israel

pp. 323-331


p. 333