restricted access   Volume 104, Number 1, Winter 2014

Table of Contents

Forum: Eat, Drink, and Keep Kosher

Editor’s Introduction

pp. 1-8

“A Jewish Drunk Is Hard to Find”: Jewish Drinking Practices and the Sobriety Stereotype in Eastern Europe

pp. 9-23

More Than Recipes: Kosher Cookbooks as Historical Texts

pp. 24-37

Jewish Foodways and Religious Self-Governance in America: The Failure of Communal Kashrut Regulation and the Rise of Private Kosher Certification

pp. 38-45

“Better a Meal of Vegetables with Love”: The Symbolic Meaning of Vegetables in Rabbinic and Post-Rabbinic Midrash on Proverbs 15.17

pp. 46-56

Remembering the Fish and Making a Tsimmes: Jewish Food, Jewish Identity, and Jewish Memory

pp. 57-79


There Is Only One Other: The Fabrication of Antoninus in a Multilayered Talmudic Dialogue

pp. 81-104

Jews and the Language of Eastern Slavs

pp. 105-143

ibn aššarīfah vs. ibn aljāriyah “Son of the Noble Wife vs. Son of the Concubine”: The Hebrew Component as a Polemic Device

pp. 144-166


p. 167

Recent Dissertations

pp. e1-e3