restricted access   Volume 104, Number 3, Summer 2014

Table of Contents


Editor’s Introduction: Jorge Luis Borges and the Jewish Question

pp. 335-338

“I, a Jew”: Borges, Nazism, and the Shoah

pp. 339-353

Jorge Luis Borges’s Literary Response to Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust

pp. 354-361

In the Mirror of the Dream: Borges and the Poetics of Kabbalah

pp. 362-379


Textuality between Death and Memory: The Prehistory and Formation of the Parabiblical Testament

pp. 381-412

Framing Witches, Measure for Measure, and the Appointment of Shim‘on ben Shataḥ

pp. 413-437

“To Judge and to Be Judged”: Jewish Communal Autonomy in Metz and the Struggle for Sovereignty in Eighteenth-Century France

pp. 438-470

“This Ship Is Zion!”: Travel, Tourism, and Cultural Zionism in Theodor Herzl’s Altneuland

pp. 471-493

Abraham Maimonides on His Leadership, Reforms, and Spiritual Imperfection

pp. 495-512


p. 513

Recent Dissertations