restricted access   Volume 32, Number 2, 2012

Table of Contents

Images of the Child and Childhood in Modern Muslim Contexts

Introduction: The Politics and Poetics of the Child Image in Muslim Contexts

pp. 273-293

We Are Family: The Child and Modern Nationhood in Early Turkish Republican Cartoons (1923-28)

pp. 294-309

New Books for New People: Soviet Central Asian Children's Books (1926-32)

pp. 310-322

Imaging Islamic Identity: Negotiated Norms of Representation in British-Muslim Picture Books

pp. 323-338

Children without Childhood, Adults without Adulthood: Changing Conceptions of the Iranian Child in Postrevolutionary Iranian Textbooks (1979-2008)

pp. 339-360

Illustrating an Islamic Childhood in Syria: Pious Subjects and Religious Authority in Twelver Shi'i Children's Books

pp. 361-393

Telling the Girl's Side of the Story: Heterotopic Spaces of Femininity in Iranian Film

pp. 374-390

The 99: Superhero Comic Books from the Arab World

pp. 391-401

Dissent: The Politics and Poetics of Women's Resistance

Introduction: Dissent: The Politics and Poetics of Women's Resistance

pp. 408-414

From Triple Jeopardy to Intersectionality: The Feminist Perplex

pp. 415-428

Memory Work as Resistance: Eritrean and Sudanese Women in Conflict Zones

pp. 429-436

Activists, Lobbyists, and Suicide Bombers: Lessons from the Palestinian Women's Movement

pp. 437-446

Book Reviews

The Politics of Women's Rights in Iran (review)

pp. 447-448

The Ottoman Age of Exploration (review)

pp. 448-449

Britain, Palestine, and Empire: The Mandate Years (review)

pp. 450-451

Contested Conversions to Islam: Narratives of Religious Change in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (review)

pp. 452-453

Social Movements, Mobilization, and Contestation in the Middle East and North Africa (review)

pp. 454-455

Gatekeepers of the Arab Past: History and History Writing in Twentieth-Century Egypt (review)

pp. 456-457

The Lebanese Army: A National Institution in a Divided Society (review)

pp. 458-459

The Margins of Empire: Kurdish Militias in the Ottoman Tribal Zone (review)

pp. 459-461


pp. 462-464