restricted access   Volume 32, Number 1, 2012

Table of Contents

State-Society Relations

Guest Editors Houri Berberian, Ali Iǧmen, and Damla Isik

The Colonial State and Its Multiple Relations: A Case Study of Egypt

pp. 1-12

Poetry, Power, Protest: Reimagining Muslim Nationhood in Northern Pakistan

pp. 13-24

State as Socionatural Effect: Variable and Emergent Geographies of the State in Southeastern Turkey

pp. 25-39

Four Daughters of Tököldösh: Kyrgyz Actresses Define Soviet Modernity

pp. 40-56

The Specter and Reality of Corruption in State and Civil Society: Privatizing and Auditing Poor Relief in Turkey

pp. 57-69

The Role of Symbolic Capital in Protest: State-Society Relations and the Destruction of the Halabja Martyrs Monument in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

pp. 70-85

Veiled Constellations

Guest Editors Arshavez Mozafari and Melissa Finn

Introduction: Veiled Constellations: The Veil, Critical Theory, Politics, and Contemporary Society

pp. 86-88

Gender, Performance, and the Politics of Space: Germany and the Veil in Popular Culture

pp. 89-101

Hijab Martyrdom, Headscarf Debates: Rethinking Violence, Secularism, and Islam in Germany

pp. 102-115

Performing Veiled Women as Marketable Commodities: Representations of Muslim Minority Women in Germany

pp. 116-129

Alternative Narratives of the Veil in Contemporary Art

pp. 130-146

Seductive Piety: Faith and Fashion through Lipovetsky and Heidegger

pp. 147-155

The Mythology of the Veil in Europe: A Brief History of a Debate

pp. 156-168

World Metaphor, Metametaphor: Veils in Literature, Literature as Veil

pp. 169-182


Literary Paradigms in the Conception of South Asian Muslim Identity: Muhammad Iqbal and Muhammad Hasan Askari

pp. 183-194

Seyyed Hasan Taqizadeh: Three Lives in a Lifetime

pp. 195-213

From Traditional Mahallehs to Modern Neighborhoods: The Case of Narmak, Tehran

pp. 214-237

Discursive Constructions of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon: From the Israel-Hezbollah War to the Struggle over Nahr al-Bared

pp. 238-254

A Door Ajar: National Borders and the Character of Islam in Pakistan

pp. 255-269


pp. 270-272