restricted access   Volume 32, Number 3, 2012

Table of Contents

Ipshita Chanda and Bilal Hashmi

Introduction: Comparative Literature

pp. 465-469

The Mahābhārata and World Literature

pp. 470-476

Comparative Literature in Nigeria

pp. 477-483

Comparative Literature in Iran

pp. 484-491

"Tuni'r Ma": From Nation to "Inter"-Nation

pp. 492-501

African-Language Literature; or, Postcolonial Theory's Unconscious

pp. 502-510

Aryans and the Brahminization of Theory: Identity Politics East and West, Past and Present

pp. 511-522

Exile and Estrangement in East African Indian Fiction

pp. 523-542

Rhythms Lost and Found: A Comparative Reading of the Music of the Subcontinent

pp. 543-554

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

pp. 555-562

Lotus, the Afro-Asian Nexus, and Global South Comparatism

pp. 563-583

The Complicating Sea: The Indian Ocean as Method

pp. 584-590

The Ideal of Casteless Language in Pramoedya's Arok Dedes

pp. 591-603

Interliterariness "Still," and "Methodized," Too: Literary Contactuality in India

pp. 604-610


Indigenization of Cinema in (Post)Colonial South Asia: From Transnational to Vernacular Public Spheres

pp. 611-621

Rereading Ottoman Accounts of Wahhabism as Alternative Narratives: Ahmed Cevdet Paşa's Historical Survey of the Movement

pp. 622-632

History beyond the Reality Principle: Literary and Political Territories in Sena Period Bengal

pp. 633-643

The Rise of New Cultural Identitarian Movements in Africa and Asia in the Emerging Multipolar System

pp. 644-661

Regulations and Remittances from British Indian Indentured Guianese

pp. 662-673

Civil Society and Democratic Change in the Arab World: Promises and Impediments

pp. 674-685



pp. 686-688