restricted access   Volume 3, Issue 1, Summer 2011

Table of Contents


“Je suis fatigué par le culte de la jeunesse”: Or, Walking on Ice in High Heels

pp. 1-10


Raising Jack Perverse: On Childhood, Perversity, and James Hearne’s Case

pp. 11-32

Too Good to Be True: The Fall of the Ideal Youth, from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

pp. 33-57

“Out by Sixteen”: Queer(ed) Girls in Ginger Snaps

pp. 58-79

Ophélie de Charlotte Gingras: évolution du personnage pivot d’un roman intimiste pour adolescents

pp. 80-98

The Haunted Dollhouses of Diana Thorneycroft

pp. 99-136


Ambivalent, Double, Divided: Reading and Rereading Perry Nodelman

pp. 137-151

The Idea of North in Canadian Children’s Literature Today

pp. 152-162

Recent Books about Relationships between Humans and Animals

pp. 163-172

Companionable Voices

pp. 173-181

Children, Visual Images, and Narratives

pp. 182-195