restricted access   Volume 3, Issue 2, Winter 2011

Table of Contents


Exploring (Un)Common Ground Ten Years after 9/11

pp. 1-10


Disturbing Thoughts: Representations of Compassion in Two Picture Books Entitled The Island

pp. 11-29

Childhood, Identity Politics, and Linguistic Negotiation in the Traditional Chinese Translation of the Picture Book The Gruffalo in Taiwan

pp. 30-45

Henri Beaulac et la modernisation de l'illustration pour la jeunesse au Québec

pp. 46-65

"Where Happily Ever After Happens Every Day": Disney's Official Princess Website and the Commodification of Play

pp. 66-87

Forum: Theorizing Young People

Ignorant and Innocent: The Childs of Common Cultural Discourses

pp. 88-99

Picturing Her: Seeing Again and Again

pp. 100-117

The Perversions of Children's Literature

pp. 118-132

Hospitality and Subjectification: On Seeing Children and Youth as Respondents

pp. 133-140


I See by Your Outfit: B Westerns and Some Recent Texts about Cowboys

pp. 141-161

Young Adult Science Fiction as a Socially Conservative Genre

pp. 162-174

Reaching across Borders: Canadian Girls Reading African Girls' Stories

pp. 175-189