restricted access   Volume 2, Issue 2, Winter 2010

Table of Contents


Readers: Characterized, Implied, Actual

pp. 1-12


The Mirror Staged: Images of Babies in Baby Books

pp. 13-39

La dialectique de l’espace dans Harry Potter: le motif du passage secret

pp. 40-60

Breaking Faith: Disrupted Expectations and Ownership in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga

pp. 61-85

“Please, sir, I want some more. . . . Please, sir . . . I want some more”: Unhooding Richler’s Fang to Find Justice for Oliver Twist and Jacob Two-Two

pp. 86-109

Forum: Participatory Ontologies and Youth Cultures

The Participation Paradox, or Agency and Sociality in Contemporary Youth Cultures

pp. 110-119

Participatory Media: Lessons from the 1960s

pp. 120-127

“Everything must go!”: Consumerism and Reader Positioning in M. T. Anderson’s Feed

pp. 128-137

“Excuse us if we don’t give a fuck”: The (Anti-)Political Career of Participation

pp. 138-146


Writing the Holocaust for Children: On the Representation of Unimaginable Atrocity

pp. 147-164

Les mouvements propulseurs du rire: le cas Mélanie Watt

pp. 165-171

Neo-Paganism for Teens

pp. 172-182