restricted access   Volume 29, Numbers 3-4, 1999

Table of Contents

Special Focus: Medieval Period in Film, Part 2

The Editor's Reflections and Reports

pp. 1-3

More on Medieval Movies: Surveys from the Field

pp. 5-7

The Medieval Period in Film, Part II

The Faces of Joan: Cinematic Representations of Joan of Arc

pp. 8-19

Hunks, History, and Homophobia: Masculinity Politics in Braveheart and Edward II

pp. 22-31

A Garland of Robin Hood Films

pp. 34-44

Perceval le Gallois: Eric Rohmer's Vision of the Middle Ages

pp. 46-53

Merlin Goes to the Movies: The Changing Role of Merlin in Cinema Arthuriana

pp. 54-65

Current Events in Film

Kosovo, the Movie: Humanity and Humor in Balkan Cinema

pp. 66-69

Rituals of Smoking in Hollywood's Golden Age: Hawks, Furthman and the Ethnographic History of Film

pp. 70-85

Book Reviews

Basic Understanding

pp. 86-91

Uncertain Future

pp. 87-91

Arcane Theorizing

pp. 88-91

Man from Whittier

p. 89

Phantasmal Structure

pp. 90-91

Window on Real World

pp. 92-93

Twofold Appeal

p. 93