restricted access   Volume 30, Number 1, March, 2000

Table of Contents

Special Focus: Television as Historian, Part 1

The Editor's Reflections and Reports

pp. 1-5

Television as Historian: An Introduction

pp. 7-12

Television as Historian, Part I

Loafing in the Garden of Knowledge: History TV and Popular Memory

pp. 14-23

Indy & Dr. Mike: Is Boy to Global World History as Woman is to Domestic National Myth?

pp. 24-37

Profiles in Courage: Televisual History on the New Frontier

pp. 38-49

Connections and Differences: Spatial Dimensions of Television History

pp. 50-61

Television Reviews

Robert Zemeckis' Smoking, Drinking and Drugging in the 20th Century: In Pursuit of Happiness

pp. 67-68

Norman Jewison's Comedy in the 20th Century: Funny is Money

pp. 69-70

Gregory Nava's On the American Dream in the 20th Century: The American Tapestry

pp. 70-71

Barry Levinson's Yesterday's Tomorrows

pp. 71-72

Karl Marx goes West: Three Westerns from the East: The Sons of Great Bear (1966); Chingachcook, The Great Snake (1967); Apache (1973) (review)

pp. 73-79

American Photography: A Century of Images (review)

pp. 74-75

New York: A Documentary Film (1999) (review)

pp. 76-78

Dear Home: Letters from World War II (review)

p. 79

Sex Sells: The History Channels History of Sex (review)

pp. 80-81

Book Reviews

Expose Hypocrisies

pp. 81-84

Craggy Face

p. 82

Monsters, Femmes Fatales, or Misfits

pp. 83-86

Jun Xing

pp. 85-79

Fascinating Compendium

p. 86

Head and Shoulders

pp. 87-90

Films of the Fifties

p. 88

Windows of Historical Contexts

pp. 89-88

A Great Showman

p. 90