restricted access   Volume 29, Numbers 1-2, 1999

Table of Contents

Special Focus: Medieval Period in Film, Part 1

The Editor's Reflections and Reports

pp. 1-3

Writing About Medieval Movies: Authenticity and History

pp. 5-7

The Medieval Period in Film, Part I

Looking at the Middle Ages in the Cinema: An Overview

pp. 8-19

Medieval Movies: A Filmography

pp. 20-32

Pretty Women: The Romance of the Fair Unknown, Feminism, and Contemporary Romantic Comedy

pp. 34-45

Re-presenting History: Ivanhoe on the Screen

pp. 46-54

Culture Wars Medieval and Modern in Le Moine et la sorcière

pp. 56-70

Nuclear Movies

pp. 72-74

Classical Hollywood

pp. 73-81

Cinema of Poetry

p. 74

A Beacon of Light

p. 75

Opening Line

pp. 76-81

Eight Fingers

p. 77

A Boa Constrictor

pp. 78-79

Experimental Films

p. 79

Myth and Reality

pp. 80-81

A Full Day's Work

pp. 82-83

Social Tendencies

p. 83

Highest Tribute

pp. 84-85

Extensive Picture

pp. 86-85

National Narrative

p. 87

Another Look

pp. 88-85

Living Resources

p. 89

Several Themes

p. 90