restricted access   Volume 31, Number 3, 1988

Table of Contents

Editor's Fence

pp. 261-262


p. 262

Drawings by Dug Weston

pp. 264-284

Kipling's Portraits of the Artist

pp. 265-283

'Islands of Money': Rentier Culture in E. M. Forster's Howards End

pp. 285-296

The Judge Reexamined: Rebecca West's Underrated Gothic Romance

pp. 297-307

Book Reviews

Ellmann's Oscar Wilde

pp. 309-312

Pater Remembered

pp. 312-318

Walter Pater

pp. 318-319

Two on Yeats

pp. 320-324

Joyce's Ulysses

pp. 324-326

George Gissing

pp. 326-329

Oscar Wilde's London

pp. 329-330

Fifty Years of Commentary on Chesterton

pp. 330-334

Kipling's Kim

pp. 334-336

Yeats Annual IV

pp. 336-339

T. E. Lawrence: Fact and Fiction

pp. 339-342

Arnold Bennett Letters

pp. 342-346

James's Selected Letters

pp. 346-348

Henry James

pp. 349-353

Love Among the Haystacks and Elsewhere

pp. 353-355

Two on Lawrence

pp. 355-358

Poetry of World War I

pp. 358-361

G. M. Hopkins

pp. 361-365

Francis Thompson

pp. 365-369

Doughty's Arabia Deserta

pp. 369-372

Hardy's Life and Caree

pp. 372-374

Short Story Anthology

pp. 374-377

Victorian Fairy Tales

pp. 377-379

Victorian Publishing

pp. 379-383

Victorian Popular Literature

pp. 383-385

Somerset Maugham

pp. 385-388

Briefer Mention

p. 388

Books Received

p. 389