restricted access   Volume 31, Number 4, 1988

Table of Contents

Richard E. Benvenuto: 1938-1987

p. 397

Language, Gender, and Ethnic Anxiety in Zangwill's Children of the Ghetto

pp. 399-412

Samuel Butler's Treatment of Christianity in Erewhon and Erewhon Revisited

pp. 415-436

Updating W. H. Hudson's Bibliography, II: Correspondence and Books

pp. 437-444

Book Reviews

Rebecca West

pp. 447-451

An Arthur Symons Chronicle

pp. 451-455

John Galsworthy

pp. 455-458

Edward Thomas

pp. 458-461

Biography Considered

pp. 461-465

Edel and Biography

pp. 465-467

Rupert Brooke

pp. 467-469

Hardy Letters VI

pp. 469-471

Two on George Moore

pp. 471-475

Pater and Reception Aesthetics

pp. 475-477

Fatal Women

pp. 477-481

Arthur Conan Doyle

pp. 481-484

Schreiner Reader

pp. 484-486

E. M. Forster Criticism

pp. 487-489

Two on Lawrence

pp. 489-492

Ford Madox Ford

pp. 492-494

Two on Woolf

pp. 494-497

Irish Literary Revival

pp. 497-499

Joyce and Sylvia Beach

pp. 499-502

Eliot and Joyce

pp. 503-504

Joyce and Colors

pp. 505-507

Yeats Annual V

pp. 507-510

Yeats and Tradition

pp. 510-512

A Study of Phenomenology

pp. 512-515

The Humanistic Heritage Revisited: Rejoinder

pp. 515-519

Books Received

Books Received

p. 519


Drawings by Dug Weston

pp. 398-414

Drawing by John Ellis

p. 446