restricted access   Volume 31, Number 2, 1988

Table of Contents

Drawings by Dug Weston

pp. 132-152

Arthur Symons's 'Romantic Movement': Transitional Attitudes and the Victorian Precedent

pp. 133-150

The Criminal and the Community: Defining Tragic Structure in A Child of the Jago

pp. 153-161

Secret Imperialism: The Reader's Response to the Narrator in "The Man Who Would Be King"

pp. 162-173

Editing Thomas Hardy: A Review-Essay

pp. 174-185

Updating W. H. Hudson's Bibliography

pp. 186-188

Book Reviews

The Lens of the Grotesque

pp. 191-195

Bloom's Pater

pp. 195-197

Pater as Merlin

pp. 197-199

Conrad Under Critical Eyes

pp. 200-202


pp. 202-205

Four on Hardy

pp. 205-208

Hardy to Hughes: Modern English Poetry

pp. 208-211

Hardy and the Modern Novel

pp. 211-214

Shaw Diaries

pp. 215-218

Yeats and Some Contemporaries

pp. 218-220

Yeatsian Tradition

pp. 220-226

Yeats and Drama

pp. 226-229

Bloom's Kipling

pp. 230-232

Woolf and London

pp. 232-235

Twayne's Galsworthy

pp. 235-237

Perspectives on Conrad

pp. 237-240

Conrad's Mythology

pp. 240-242

Three on James from UMI Research Press

pp. 242-249

Joyce Centennial

pp. 249-254

Briefer Mention

p. 254

Books Received

p. 255