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Rhetoric and the Discourses of Power in Court Culture Cover

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Rhetoric and the Discourses of Power in Court Culture

China, Europe, and Japan

edited by David R. Knechtges and Eugene Vance

Key royal courts - in Han, Tang, and Song dynasty China; medieval and renaissance Europe; and Heian and Muromach Japan--are examined in this comparative and interdisciplinary volume as loci of power and as entities that establish, influence, or counter the norms of a larger society. Contributions by twelve scholars are organized into sections on the rhetoric of persuasion, taste, communication, gender, and natural nobility.

Sans frontières Cover

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Sans frontières

Quatre siècles de soins infirmiers canadiens

Sous la direction de Christina Bates, Dianne Dodd et Nicole Rousseau

Depuis la fondation du premier hôpital par les Augustines en 1637, les infirmières ont grandement contribué à la qualité de vie des Canadiens. Des sages-femmes à l’aube de l’histoire du pays aux infirmières du réseau public de santé contemporain, des postes éloignés nordiques aux champs de bataille en Europe, Sans frontières dépeint les épreuves, les défis et les réalisations des infirmières canadiennes sur une période de quatre siècles. Documentée et écrite par les infirmières et des historiennes, cette oeuvre unique rassemble en un seul volume un vaste éventail de recherches. Quatorze chapitres et 28 vignettes, superbement rehaussés de photographies et d’illustrations d’archives, composent cet impressionnant portrait du nursing canadien. Sans frontières est un ouvrage fascinant et indispensable pour les infirmières, les férus d’histoire, et toute personne dont la vie a été touchée par une infirmière.

Seven Eggs Today Cover

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Seven Eggs Today

The Diaries of Mary Armstrong, 1859 and 1869

Offers an intriguing glimpse into the daily life of an average Toronto woman in the mid-nineteenth century.

Mary Armstrong’s diaries are a window into the daily life of a middle-class woman in a new and changing land, and a revealing account of life in early Toronto just before and after confederation. Her journals are one of very few published by Canadian women, especially women outside the upper classes, in the decades surrounding the mid-nineteenth century.

Mary Armstrong was the wife of a butcher / farmer who lived in what is now the Yorkville and Deer Park area of Toronto from the 1830s to the 1880s. She had immigrated with her parents and siblings from England in 1834. Her diaries, which cover five months in 1859 and eight months in 1869, reflect her multiplicity of interests and concerns including family, women’s work, faith, status and class, occupation and trade, community networks, and local and national identity.

Jackson W. Armstrong’s introduction examines who Mary was, what her world was like, and how she saw her own place in it; it also explains the origin and history of the diaries. His extensive primary research supports the well-annotated diaries, and gives contextual information on the events, people, and places that Mary mentions.

Seven Eggs Today offers new information and a new perspective on mid-Victorian English Canada, and will be welcomed by general readers and scholars interested in colonial life, biography, immigrant experiences, family or local history, or women’s studies.

Shining Big Sea Water Cover

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Shining Big Sea Water

The Story of Lake Superior

Norman K. Risjord

In Shining Big Sea Water, historian Norman K. Risjord offers a grand tour of Lake Superior's remarkable history, taking readers through the centuries and into the lives of those who have traveled the lake and inhabited its shores. Through lively, informative chapters, Risjord begins with the lake's cataclysmic geological birth, then explores the lives of native peoples along the shore before European contact and during the fur trade, showing how Superior functioned as a "blue-water highway" for Indians, early explorers, industries, and settlers. He outlines the development of such cities as Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan; Ashland, Wisconsin; and Two Harbors, Minnesota, and tells the fascinating histories of life-saving lighthouses and famous shipwrecks. In the final chapter, Risjord looks to the future, offering a clear-eyed account of the environmental and economic challenges faced by America's largest freshwater lake. Interspersed throughout the book are handy tips for travelers, highlighting historically significant sites that illustrate key pieces of Lake Superior's natural and human history, including national lakeshores in the United States and provincial parks in Canada.

Sovereign Screens Cover

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Sovereign Screens

Aboriginal Media on the Canadian West Coast

Kristin L. Dowell

While Indigenous media have gained increasing prominence around the world, the vibrant Aboriginal media world on the Canadian West Coast has received little scholarly attention. As the first ethnography of the Aboriginal media community in Vancouver, Sovereign Screens reveals the various social forces shaping Aboriginal media production including community media organizations and avant-garde art centers, as well as the national spaces of cultural policy and media institutions.

Kristin L. Dowell uses the concept of visual sovereignty to examine the practices, forms, and meanings through which Aboriginal filmmakers tell their individual stories and those of their Aboriginal nations and the intertribal urban communities in which they work. She explores the ongoing debates within the community about what constitutes Aboriginal media, how this work intervenes in the national Canadian mediascape, and how filmmakers use technology in a wide range of genres—including experimental media—to recuperate cultural traditions and reimagine Aboriginal kinship and sociality.  Analyzing the interactive relations between this social community and the media forms it produces, Sovereign Screens offers new insights into the on-screen and off-screen impacts of Aboriginal media. 

Tableau d'avancement Cover

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Tableau d'avancement

Petite ethnographie interprétative d'un certain Canada français

Gilles Paquet

Ce tableau d’avancement examine le Canada français de la dernière moitié du XXe siècle et propose quelques repères utiles, souligne certains enlisements, avancées et retards, et cherche à comprendre son évolution malaisée à travers trois grandes perspectives : celle de chefs politiques qui l’ont orienté, celle d’intellectuels influents qui l’ont interprété, et celle de certaines institutions qui en ont révélé la dynamique. Le fil rouge qui lie ces vignettes et sert de fil conducteur est l’ombre de la Révolution tranquille qui a brouillé la vue de bien des observateurs. L’auteur est d’accord avec Gilles Vigneault quand il dit « Nous avons mal regardé. Nous avons mal écouté ». Il propose ici une autre manière de voir, une autre forme d’écoute.

To Serve Canada Cover

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To Serve Canada

A History of the Royal Military College of Canada

Richard A. Preston

During the four decades following the Second World War, the Royal Military College of Canada has adapted to the need to produce professional career officers by evolving into an academic centre of excellence and one of the country's leading universities. Along the way, it has responded to the challenges of service integration and unification, bilingualism, the emergence of Collège militaire royal and Royal Roads Military College, the employment of women in non-traditional roles, Canada's changing cultural make-up, and the rapid pace of technological change. In a society in which the precepts of military service are increasingly remote, the continued competition for entrance into RMC speaks of its resilience as a centre of learning and leadership.

Tom Symons Cover

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Tom Symons

A Canadian Life

Edited by Ralph Heintzman

Tom Symons: A Canadian Life is a compelling portrait of one of Canada’s pre-eminent educational and cultural statesmen of the twentieth century. An outstanding public figure, Symons was a leader in many areas of Canadian life, including as the founding president of Trent University, as a pioneer in Canadian and Aboriginal studies, as an architect of national unity and French-language education in Ontario, as a champion of human rights, and as the chief policy advisor to the federal Progressive Conservative party in the 1960s and 1970s.

The volume’s contributors are as remarkable as its subject. They include Madam Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella of the Supreme Court of Canada; the Honourable Tom McMillan, former federal Minister of the Environment; the Honourable Charles Beer, former Ontario Cabinet Minister; Ivan Fellegi, former Chief Statistician of Canada; John Fraser, one of Canada’s most distinguished journalists; and Denis Smith, award-winning biographer of John Diefenbaker, among others.

Tom Symons: A Canadian Life is a study in leadership. It brings to light the unique human and personal qualities that allowed Symons to lead in such a wide range of areas and to exercise such deep and lasting influence on so many Canadian institutions -- contributions that continue to be meaningful and relevant for Canada today.

Vatican II Cover

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Vatican II

Expériences canadiennes – Canadian experiences

Sous la direction de/Edited by Michael Attridge, Catherine E. Clifford et/and Gilles Routhier

Le deuxième concile du Vatican (1961-1965) fut l’un des événements religieux les plus importants du vingtième siècle. Au Canada, il coïncida avec une période de changements culturels et sociétaux sans précédent, entraînant chez les évêques catholiques canadiens un réexamen de la place et de la mission de l’Église dans le monde. Pendant quatre ans, les évêques catholiques canadiens se réunirent avec leurs collègues de partout dans le monde pour réfléchir aux questions urgentes qui se posaient à l’Église et en débattre. Ce livre bilingue étudie l’interprétation et la réception de Vatican II au Canada, analysant diverses questions, dont le rôle des médias, les réactions des autres chrétiens, les contributions des participants canadiens, l’impact du Concile sur la pratique religieuse et sa contribution à la progression du dialogue interreligieux.

The Second Vatican Council (1961-1965) was one of the most significant religious events of the twentieth-century. In Canada, it was part of a moment of unprecedented cultural and societal change, causing Canadian Catholics to reexamine the church’s place and mission in the world. For four years, Canadian Catholic bishops met with their peers from around the globe to reflect on and debate the pressing issues facing the church. This bilingual volume explores the interpretation and reception of Vatican II in Canada, looking at many issues including the role of the media, the reactions of other Christians, the contributions of Canadian participants, the council’s impact on religious practice and its contribution to the growth of inter-religious dialogue.

Vice et corruption à Montréal Cover

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Vice et corruption à Montréal


C’était l'époque de Montréal, ville ouverte, de Montréal, la flamboyante. Les maisons de jeu et les loteries illégales fourmillaient. Pendant que les magnats du crime organisé s’enrichissaient, la ville de Montréal peinait à boucler son budget. Confrontée à d’importants problèmes financiers, qui s’accentueront dramatiquement au cours de la crise économique des années 1930, la métropole dut graduellement faire preuve d’inventivité en matière de fiscalité. La légalisation des jeux de hasard et d’argent représenta rapidement un enjeu important pour la municipalité. Après quatre décennies de luttes, le jeu sera finalement légalisé. C’est à partir de l’analyse d’archives municipales, juridiques et journalistiques que Magaly Brodeur lève le voile sur l’époque de la prohibition des jeux de hasard et d’argent au Canada. Elle retrace dans son ouvrage le parcours ­tortueux ayant mené à la modification de la législation sur le jeu. Grâce à cette étude originale, elle apporte un éclairage nouveau sur plusieurs débats contemporains, tels que le rôle de l’État dans la régulation et le management des jeux de hasard et d’argent, la corruption et la lutte contre le crime organisé, les relations entre les divers paliers de gouverne­ment ainsi que l’épineuse question du financement des dépenses publiques. Un voyage dans le temps au cœur de Montréal n’aura jamais été d’une actualité aussi frappante.

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