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  1. Philosophy of Language, Chinese Language, Chinese Philosophy: Constructive Engagement ed. by Bo Mou (review)
  2. The Emotions in Early Chinese Philosophy by Curie Virág (review)
  3. Philosophy in Colonial India ed. by Sharad Deshpande (review)
  4. Order in Early Chinese Excavated Texts: Natural, Supernatural, and Legal Approaches by Zhongjiang Wang (review)
  5. Tang Junyi: Confucian Philosophy and the Challenge of Modernity by Thomas Fröhlich (review)
  6. Books Received
  7. Response to Comments by Bret Davis, David Kim, and Lisa Rosenlee on Taking Back Philosophy
  8. A Comparative Feminist Reflection on Race and Gender
  9. Undoing Western Hegemony, Unpacking the Particulars:Taking Back Philosophy: A Review of Bryan Van Norden's Taking Back Philosophy A Multicultural Manifesto
  10. Beyond Philosophical Euromonopolism: Other Ways of—Not Otherwise than—Philosophy
  11. Toward Confucian-Inspired Democratic Meritocracy: A Response to Yong Huang, Chenyang Li, and Binfan Wang
  12. Meritocracy as a Political System: A Commentary on Bell's The China Model
  13. Missing Links in The China Model
  14. Bell's Model of Meritocracy for China: Two Confucian Amendments
  15. "A Rich Conception of the Surface": On Feng Zikai's Paintings to Protect Life
  16. Knowledge, Action, and Virtue in Zhu Xi
  17. Agent and Deed in Confucian Thought
  18. This Strange Idea of Art
  19. A Pro-Realist Account of Gongsun Long's "White Horse Dialogue"
  20. Abhidharma Metaphysics and the Two Truths
  21. The No-Self View and the Meaning of Life
  22. Things Endure While We Fade Away: Tao Yuanming on Being Himself
  23. The Theory of the Self in the Zhuangzi: A Strawsonian Interpretation
  24. Wang Bi's Commentary on the Analects: A Confucian-Daoist Critique of Effable Morality
  25. Paul Tillich, Zhuangzi, and the Creational Role of Nonbeing
  26. Desire, Representing Process, and Translatability
  27. Remembering Vincent Shen
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