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  1. Distopia: Fragmentos de um Céu Límpido ed. by Ildney Cavalcanti and Felipe Benicio (review)
  2. Imaginer l'avenir contre l'absolutisme de la realité by Maurice Weyembergh (review)
  3. Retrotopia by Zygmunt Bauman (review)
  4. Utopia for Realists: And How We Can Get There by Rutger Bregman (review)
  5. Visiting the Shakers: 1850–1899 ed. by Glendyne Wergland (review)
  6. Critical Craft: Technology, Globalization, and Capitalism ed. by Clare M. Wilkinson-Weber and Alicia Ory DeNicola (review)
  7. The Artificial Body in Fashion and Art: Marionettes, Models, and Mannequins by Adam Geczy (review)
  8. The Textual Afterlives of Utopia: Titles Published in China and Taiwan Since 2016
  9. Publications on Utopia and Dystopia in the United Kingdom and Ireland (2016–2017)
  10. Books on Utopia Published in Italy in 2016 and During the First Semester of 2017
  11. Utopia as a Tool for Change: A Review of Publications on Utopia in France (2016 and the First Semester of 2017)
  12. Spain: Review of Publications on Utopia
  13. Publications on Utopia in Portugal (2016 and the First Semester of 2017)
  14. The Year 2016: A Review of the Events Held in Six European Countries
  15. Introduction
  16. Petit Pli: Clothes that Grow
  17. Mending and Anatomy: Making Your Hands Knowledgeable
  18. Imagining a Future of Sonic Fashion
  19. Possibility in Fashion Design Education—A Manifesto
  20. Fashion suX: A Story of Anger as (Un)Sustainable Energy
  21. Fashion, Sustainability, and the Anthropocene
  22. Utopian Bodies and Anti-fashion Futures: The Dress Theories and Practices of English Interwar Nudists
  23. Fashion Triumphant and the Mechanism of Tautology in Two Nineteenth-Century Dystopias
  24. Dress, Ideology, and Control: The Regulation of Clothing in Early Modern English Utopian Texts, 1516–1656
  25. Introduction: Fashion in Utopia, Utopia in Fashion
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