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The Contemporary Pacific cover
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This issue contains 26 articles in total

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  1. Contributors
  2. The Pacific Islands
  3. About the Artist: Visesio Poasi Siasau
  4. The Land of Eb by John Hill and Andrew Williamson (review)
  5. Canning Paradise by Olivier Pollet (review)
  6. Communication, Culture and Society in Papua New Guinea: Yu Tok Wanem? edited by Evangelia Papoutsaki, Michael McManus, and Patrick Matbob (review)
  7. Managing Modernity in the Western Pacific edited by Mary Patterson and Martha Macintyre (review)
  8. Daughters of Fire by Tom Peek (review)
  9. The Missing King by Moetai Brotherson (review)
  10. Théâtre océanien: Anthologie edited and translated by Sonia Lacabanne, and: Urbanesia: Four Pasifika Plays edited by David O’Donnell (review)
  11. Echoes at Fishermen’s Rock: Traditional Tokelau Fishing by Elders from Atafu Atoll (review)
  12. Vestiges d’une histoire Marquisienne: Contribution à l’archéologie de Ua Huka by Eric Conte and Guillaume Molle, and: Te Tahata: Etude d’une marae de Topoto (Nord); Archipel des Tuamotu, Polynésie française by Eric Conte and Kenneth J Dennison (review)
  13. Oceania at the Tropenmuseum by David van Duuren, Steven Vink, Daan van Dartel, Hanneke Hollander, and Denise Frank (review)
  14. Wallis and Futuna
  15. Rapa Nui
  16. Māori Issues
  17. French Polynesia
  18. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
  19. Marshall Islands
  20. Guam
  21. Gathering the ’Net: Efforts and Challenges in Archiving Pacific Websites
  22. Being “Nesian”: Pacific Islander Identity in Australia
  23. Oceanic Historicities
  24. Is Genetic Labeling of “Risk” Related to Obesity Contributing to Resistance and Fatalism in Polynesian Communities?
  25. In Their Own Voices: Contemporary Native Hawaiian and Archaeological Narratives about Hawaiian Archaeology
  26. Climate-Change Migration in the Pacific
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