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  1. Meetings: 2014
  2. Recently Received Titles
  3. Applied Urban Ecology: A Global Framework edited by Matthias Richter and Ulrike Weiland (review)
  4. Urban Ecological Design: A Process for Regenerative Places by Danilo Palazzo and Frederick Steiner (review)
  5. Making Nature Whole: A History of Ecological Restoration by William R. Jordan III, George M. Lubick and Society for Ecological Restoration International (review)
  6. Ecological Restoration by Susan M. Galatowitsch (review)
  7. Abstracts, Reviews, and Meetings
  8. Restoring Walden Woods and the Idyll of Thoreau II: A Recent Historical Tracing of Changing and Renegotiated Restoration Goals
  9. Restoring Walden Woods and the Idyll of Thoreau I: From Literary Landscape to Politicized Landscape
  10. Testing Ecological Tradeoffs of a New Tool for Removing Fine Sediment in a Spring-fed Stream
  11. Extirpation for Conservation: Applying Predictors of Extinction Risk to Eradicate Introduced Trout Populations for Lake Restoration
  12. Soft Shell Clams (Mya arenaria) Contribute to Macroalgal Blooms in a Partially-restored Gulf of Maine Back-barrier Lagoon
  13. Recovery of Native Plant Communities following Control of Terracina Spurge (Euphorbia terracina): Three Case Studies from South-west Western Australia
  14. Drought and Grazing Disturbances and Resistance to Invasion by Warm- and Cool-Season Perennial Grassland Communities
  15. Charles A. Geyer Agricultural Botanical Survey of 1838–1839: A Comparison of the Composition of Minnesota Prairies Then and Now
  16. Informing the CFLRP: Lessons Learned from New Mexico’s Collaborative Forest Restoration Program
  17. Sampling Intensities and Sampling Errors Associated with Pre-and Post-treatment Forest Restoration Monitoring: The Ute Valley Inventory
  18. Monitoring Michaux’s Sumac Requires More Systematic Approaches
  19. Restoring Conservation Nodes to Enhance Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function along the Santa Clara River
  20. Restoration Map: A Web-based Tool for Spatial and Participatory Adaptive Management of Ecological Restoration Projects
  21. Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?
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